Why Branding Your Business is Important 

Branding is defined as a strategy to create a name that identifies your product from others. It is a crucial part of marketing that can make or break your business. Your brand carries your business name, and your business name carries your vision. Simply put, your brand is a promise you make to your business and your customers. Knowing your brand, your customers will have an idea on what you offer, and how different are you from your competitors.

When you have decided on what to sell, who to sell it to, and how to sell it, you must establish your brand. This will add quality and trust to your products, which will eventually lead to your consumers’ loyalty. When developing your brand, you must be consistent with your company’s mission and vision. If the core purpose of your company is to offer high quality products, your brand must scream it. Branding strategies include witty tag lines, eye-catching logos, and overall template. An example would be Nike, a well-branded company. It uses the one-line slogan, “just do it”, which is not only memorable, but also has a stir to the emotions of their consumers. The swoosh logo goes very well with it too. Aside from just selling the features of their product, they also advertise them through famous athletes. These strategies are consistent with what they sell, and have a good recall to the consumers. Hence, the Nike brand sells. Other companies with well-thought branding include Apple, Coca-cola, and Google.

Branding your business is critical not only to your sales, but also to you as a business owner. If you are well guided by the main objective of your business, you brand will inspire you to work towards it. The same is true if you’re working with employees, as they become motivated to works towards the company’s goal.

Products with notable branding almost always make the sale. Your brand must define, support, and sell your products. It must add worth to the products you offer as it is the name that very well represents your company.

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