It all started with us operating the concrete mixer and pouring our first slabs. We were still young when we worked in construction and realized that we can make a career and business out of it. Our interest in concrete turned into something that we will be able to do for the years to come.  


The concrete service industry was and always will be close to our hearts. We have gathered all the practices and experiences we learned along the way as the years went by. Today, we are a fully operational concrete contractor that offers commercial, industrial or residential concrete services such as Slabs, Paving, Structural, or Decorative. We have nothing else upon our sleeves except the great team we have, and the quality services we offer. We also make it a business to give our customers only the best. From the planning stage to the actual work, we make sure that we are involved just as much as they are. 


We are based in Baton Rouge and we couldn’t be any happier about it. The clients we have are amazing. They go out of their way to tell and recommend to others the services we offer even as little as crack repair. We guarantee that whatever type of service it is, the end product would be strong, durable, resilient, and lasting. We have the right equipment and tools for any job and we make sure to check them always. We also have qualified and competent men whose skills and expertise make them truly the best. So, whatever your concrete needs may be, we can get you covered.